Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is ClutchChoice's bread and butter! It's why we went into business and what we do best. SEM is primarily made up of pay per click (PPC) advertising on the Google AdWords and Bing Ads platforms.

SEM allows you to gain access to potential customers who are already in the process of looking for your product or service. Our Online Marketing Professionals are experts at programmatically identifying these potential customers, enticing them with persuasive ads, and ultimately turning them into a new customer.

We believe SEM is performance driven and expect our clients to see a return on their marketing spend. We work incredibly hard to ensure our campaigns are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that tracks website activity. It is an extremely useful tool that allows businesses to gain a greater understanding of their website audiences and how they interact with their site. Straight out of the box Google Analytics offers dozens of tools to break down website's visitors, traffic sources, website behavior, and much more.

In addition to Google Analytics' basic report offerings, it allows businesses to implement custom tracking code to make Google Analytics even more powerful. This includes the ability to track specific website actions like form completions or email signups, online purchases, and even phone calls.

While Google Analytics is free to most businesses and basic setup is relatively easy, it takes an experienced professional to leverage it to its full potential. Let us help you install, configure, analyze, and create actionable insights from Google Analytics.

Design Services

Online Ad Creation

Display ads (banner ads) and contextual ads (text ads) serve as the frontline in businesses' online advertising campaigns. Oftentimes businesses get so caught up in where they are advertising, they overlook the ads themselves. We believe both the design and messaging of online ads have a large impact in overall campaign performance and treat them accordingly.

Modern online marketing platforms allow for easy multivariate testing to optimize campaigns for clicks or conversions. We take full advantage of these features and never have just one ad running. We are always testing different variations of ads to ensure we are maximizing campaign performance. When we work with you to create ads, expect two or move versions of each ad.

Let's talk about your customers and how to best share your products or services with them.

Web Development

Landing Page Creation

"Why does my business need a landing page?" is a question we receive all the time. Our answer is very simple: to earn more business. We routinely see landing pages produce 300% or more leads than traditional Contact Us pages.

Most websites provide a wide variety of information about a company and all of their different products and services. There is nothing wrong with that, a website is designed to inform visitors about all a business has to offer. The challenge comes when you want to increase online sales without having forms or flashy buttons on every page.

A landing page's primary focus is to turn paid website traffic into customers. Properly targeted website visitors that come from online ads should be looking for the product or service that you provide. Knowing this, we outline the information they need to make a confident decision, explain briefly why they should choose your business, and provide a reason for them to act now.

We'd love to talk about what a landing page can do for your business.